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Ritzy Glitzy Wreaths

Zinnia Swag

Zinnia Swag

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Designer XL Foam Imported Desert Zinnias (12”) (3) take center stage amongst the tinged brown spiky podocarpus, desert spiky foam white pine florals, and beige dandelions.

Florals not found in local retail stores.
Very earthy, botanical looking, natural looking. A New Fresh Look 👀

Wire hook.
White Zinnias are 12” x 12” and white fluffy pine are imported from Canada.

40” L x 20” W x 9” D approximately.

Looks great on a wall inside home 🏡.
Everyday wreath. Perfect for multiple seasons. Gorgeous 👀

Inspired by the natural beauty of the forests in Branson Missouri.

❤️ Made with Love ❤️

Branson Missouri
On the Lake 💦

Note - My wreaths are lush & larger than most and I use high designer floral products not found in local retail stores.

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