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Ritzy Glitzy Wreaths

Lantern Zinnias

Lantern Zinnias

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Lantern (included) in this large scale zinnias centerpiece. Lights💡

Twinkle timer lights drape around the lantern and florals. Three 12” zinnias amongst flowing greenery, white fringed pines, podocarps brown spiky flowers, wild beige dandelions.

Tea light candle included. Batteries included in timer lights.battery compartment tucked inside 4” bow loops on top. Easy to change batteries.

Lantern (black) is round metal and 12” wide x 22” tall w/hook on top 🔝

Decorated size is 24” wide by 23” tall approximately.

Very upscale and mod.

Only one available and ready to ship as shown.

Packed in bubble wrap in large box 📦

❤️ Made with Love ❤️
Branson Missouri

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