WELCOME to Ritzy Glitzy Wreaths

Well, here goes a small blog.  This wreath business all got started one day because I wanted a Halloween Wreath on my front door in 2017.   So I looked around on the web and found multiple tutorials for FREE.  So I made a simple mesh wreath with a sign only.  It was very colorful.

The following year in 2018, I was encouraged by my daughter to make some more and post them on Etsy (where I created an account and the name of Ritzy Glitzy Wreaths).  Before I knew it, they were selling.  I didn't make really big wreaths but they were detailed.  I then signed up in the fall/winter for some local craft fairs and had a booth and sold a bunch of them.

I jointed a wreath club for two years to get the jist of it all and then added my own spin or "Glitz" on them.  I don't really think its necessary to stay in a club or group for more than a year or so, because my belief is if you haven't figured out how to make and design and put your own style into it, then you shouldn't be supporting a club or groups dreams - Support YOUR DREAMS NOT THEIRS!.  

Today, Four Years later, I have multiple repeat buyers that seem to come back or even ask for custom designs  I decided to sell some wreath supplies to give my customers a chance to use some of the products that I use in my wreaths.  

Every day I try to make a wreath when I'm home.  I try to get on top of the holidays so it gives people a chance to order early for the season.  I also attend annual trade marts in Dallas and Las Vegas to purchase from wholesale vendors.

Wreath making has become a saturated market and very competitive.  Wreaths are  on ETSY everywhere.  However, you can see there are many different wreaths and styles for everyones taste.  Like the old saying goes, "Theres a shoe for every foot."

I think my favorite wreaths to make are swags.  Swags seem to fit everydoor.  They look big and there full of lushness (is that word, hmmm).

I did recently go back to college in my 50's and received a Bachelor Degree from Northern Arizona University in Public Administration and Communication Studies in December 2016.  

I moved out of Arizona in August 2022 to Branson Missouri.  My husband and I just love it.  We bought an older house directly on the lake and every day is a new picture.  Were trying to enjoy life and nature in to our retirment years or golden years as they say.haha.

Inspiration if Everywhere here in the OZARKS.  I hope my inspired designs just touch you and you can enjoy them as much as I did with my own two hands.

Cheers -  and I can always be messaged through my Etsy site at ritzyglitzywreaths.etsy.com

Thank you.

Jane Weissner

Ritzy Glitzy Wreaths

Branson, Missouri

On the Lake!